Cattle Storm Scares Sellers,

Good Big Bounce Stocks Morning,

All opinions rumors, news and not, a few levels with ideas of how to define when extreme's present themselves. Like cattle which are at some extreme's. Mute the News?

Iceburgs are orders that hide size. A sell 5 lot may have 900 more sells, behind it.

Meats, Milk, Dow Spus Nasd and Olive algo action. NASD 6724, 6772 a few levels live, only if bearish swing trading in my opinion.

Dow Jones last 48 hours posted a very respectable orange sell, 058 ish level off mem. This is by High so far.

Spus today have two sell levels within 02 at 2617. Stocks have really bounced v big providing day Trading opportunities and go home flat mostly.

If that appeals.

My opinion- the Olive line bandits do not care what fundamentals are. LCJ.

Nasd also has a tiny Extreme OLS over the buck today. We are back over devil's 6666 for perspective.

Elliot guys I have question;

Can this still be a 4th wave in Spus?

Or do we really rally back? RE- nasd100 futures NFLX now $220off important lows, last month fast. They jacked members fee $2and come out with earnings you index Speculators. Extremes?

It's midweek.

Last of tightening cycle rules? Give me a jingle. You possibly may learn something from a Chicago Pit Trader?

April Cattle- game on. When we get at these high-impact levels 127.50 I like to go quiet. I do not hype anything.

You put it in and wait. My disclaimer is to use a risk stop. I'm a chicken.

If you think this can be a top, take it.

If you think it can move sharply higher, take a pass.

Client said Twitter was abuzz about a hidden sell order (Icebergs in geek speak) at one specific price yesterday. This is rumor to me but interesting non the less.

This can be a place where you can sell the crop with very little slippage (big guys only). Producers should take note. Feel free to call.

Feeders came back of lows today, over the buck 145 maybe has legs. I just heard no bids on FC. Hmm.

These are considered balanced educated bets if you so desire. I'm a broker and want to do any of your business. If you bought Feeders back at 137- ish maybe we do some give-up business? I can instruct orders to say buy, sell, stopmkt or stop lmt at these lines. Risks need to be explained before. BeanCorn ratio spreads anyone?

Ask for your chart today.

LCJ OLS 12750day2

I need to utilize these trading services of my CQG. Would you consider selling at an olive line indicator sell? with a stop you can live with?

How about the 14th day of a consecutive pattern down? KC. Demoralizing to longs for sure.

June Hogs- one guy 'real Bull' called ans said he bought OLB, but sold it $1higher. He seeks out meat olives and like maybe 25% of clients,

Really understands the charts and the extreme s when they present. You can scalp these levels. Bang that P rofit.

Anyway LHM closed bad.

Off that bet 2nd time down as that was a short term OLB in a distant back month.


Yes they make it hard and all months play different dances if you will.

MILK- Look at front month Jan hit 13.80 OLB off mem and June #3 hit an OLS sell up at 16.08-12 ish (historic) also off mem. Ask for a milk look at the charts. As a floor trader I look for extremes one way,

That if extreme holds,

If extremes back to where it came from.

Mean Reversion in geek speak.

I know the rules about not trading all the time!

I told you I'm a bad broker.

Willing to forgo a trade if I say I don't like it and you weren't sure after consulting.

I know your skepticism out there. Dakota's, let's talk.

HEMP- New Law. Cotton guys don't push for obviousness.

This is really interesting. CBOT member talked.

This is NO THC, alot of you misunderstand. This in not pot. Hemp is jeans, rope, oil imo. And guarantee a price?

Things are happening in this space.

Monsanto- besides killing bees, do you do benefit to society by growing Hemp?